Ally Blackmon

Co-Owner | Creative Director

You can typically find me sitting next to Andrew at our local Starbucks drinking an iced coffee, working on my next craft project, or in the classroom. My passions run deep & wide but I am learning that no matter what they are, my number one goal is to spread love, encouragement, and joy while using my gifts. I have always loved putting my hands to work and creating unique pieces. I want to use my gifts to bring a little more love and joy into our world.

I have always been so passionate about the story of Hosea and Gomer in the Bible and what it represents. I wanted to name my future dog Gomer, but Gomer Collective seemed much more fitting because I don't have a dog. I am thrilled to be on this creative journey while staying grounded in knowing that we will always be pursued by our Creator. 


Andrew McElroy

Co-Owner | Business Administrator

From the hills of East Tennessee, I find myself always seeking adventure. Whether it is in the form of a business, hiking trip, or grabbing a cup of coffee. I have a passion for growing a business that impacts lives and encourages others. I enjoy spending my time shooting photos, working on projects, being in nature.

During a normal week you can find my office at Starbucks, with a grande iced coffee in my hand. At other times, my office is a mountaintop or a creek. 

For me, Gomer is a constant reminder of the adventures we have had, the adventures we will have, and the adventure of a lifetime.